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    Post on the Past

    April 15, 2013 by EmmerdaleWiki

    Updated: 27th October

    I thought I’d give a little bit of insight into choosing episodes to feature on “Emmerdale Past”.

    The main criteria is to have a range of stories from across the decades – which is one of the principal reasons I am choosing more than one episode for each date, to be used on rotation. With the Emmerdale Farm episodes having played out at a more gentle pace, not to mention the sparse plot details available in many cases, it would be very difficult in 366 choices to justify more than a handful of episodes from that era. A selection of the weddings, births and deaths, and the odd ‘stunt’ episode, would be all there’d be room for. Not least because as time has gone on the volume of weekly episodes has tripled which almost by …

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  • Al98122

    Anyone have a full list of airdates for when repeats aired on these channels ?

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